KDK Corrective is an integral part of our Bulgarian business

 “KDK Corrective provides an invaluable service to any international company, starting a business in Bulgaria. It has been an instrument in helping our representative office handle with all accounting, finance and tax issues. The staff consists of competent people, demonstrating highest professional values and very hard work ethics, an all around pleasure to deal with which resulted in a strong and successful collaboration between KDK Corrective and our Spanish company in Bulgaria. We were always confident that any request would be handled efficiently and accurately – a necessity when launching a new business. We give our highest recommendation to KDK Corrective.”

Ivo Veselinov
Manager Business Development
EPTISA - Bulgaria branch

 I work with the company KDK Corrective and from the very first minutes I felt that I found the right place. I met very caring and professional attitude from the people who work in this company. For me as а Manager, my time is very important and valuable. It’s important to me that the accountant also appreciates and understands that. They come to the office, take all the problems and issues for themselves, leaving to me only signing documents which saves me so much time and energy I can invest in my own business. Also it’s important that I receive professional service and advice on how to manage my financial flows and comply with all laws and regulations.
I am very pleased to work with KDK Corrective and I wish a lot of success to this wonderful company.

Natalia Kobylkina


KDK Corrective’s service is quite good, and I really appreciate, that we can communicate in English. Also at any time I can get answer on all my questions, and all services I get in time.
Hope that our company will grow, and some part of this growing, due to KDK Corrective.”

Vladimir Syrov
Director for Business Development
Instaforex Companies Group

“With the current Reference, we would like to express our satisfaction from the work witch KDK Corrective regarding the performance of accounting and consulting services.
KDK Corrective has won us from the very first meeting with the attention, the clear and very well presented presentation of accounting and corporate services it offers. During the discussion and showed interest, we realized that this is a great company that we can rely on.
In every moment of our cooperation, we receive professional answers and advice. We sincerely thank the team of KDK Corrective who always provide timely and accurate assistance with interest and eagerness.
We express our satisfaction with our mutual work and we hope these excellent professional relations to continue in the future.”

We recommend KDK Corrective as safe and professional business partner!

With best wishes!

Dobromir Panov